About me pic

I never know what to write when it comes to the “about me” part. I could write and tell you all about how I capture long lasting
memories or paint with light but that’s all so cliché and we know that is what photographers are supposed to do anyway otherwise we shouldn’t call ourselves “photographers”.
I decided I would do “fast facts” about Joanne Markland. (Portrait of me photographed by Abigail K Photography)

Quick overview of me: I’m a wife and mom with a 2yr old boy who is super busy, I was born in May 1978, I studied photography for 3yrs and received a National Diploma, I worked as a photographer on board cruise ships for 3yrs, I lived in the UK for a year and worked as a flight attendant, I worked at an advertising studio as a photographers assistant and in 2008 I started working for myself.
Personality: Dry sense of humour, witty, sarcastic and pretty much what you see is what you get. If I asked my husband this question he would say NONE.
Favourite colour: Teal (that’s the pastel turquoise colour)
Favourite movie: Braveheart & The Goonies
Favourite food: Roast potato’s where the crispy bits stick to the bottom of the dish, yum!
Favourite dessert: Lemon meringue and caramel treat which you eat from the tin with a teaspoon!
Favourite holiday destination: Thailand (only been once but loved it)
Favourite Book: ummm what’s that! Last book I read was probably in Sub A
What I like to do on a day off: Going for breakfast somewhere with my hubby and 2yr old son (as long as there is a playground) or going for drives to places like Kalk Bay or Houtbaai.
Things I am greatful for:  Family & friends
Things I’m good at:  hmmm photography :-) , babbling too much and eating a lot of chocolates
Things I’m bad atSpelin, speling, spelling, making tea and cooking

I love photos whether it be from a cellphone, “mik-n-druk” camera or any old snap shot, so I decided to put a whole bunch of photos together of people and memories which mean a lot to me.

about me collage-2