La Digue Seychelles | Marciej & Katja

Seychelles_wedding_photographer_joanne_markland_cape_town_Marciej_Katja-004Marciej & Katja’s Seychelles wedding

This was my 2nd wedding in Seychelles and was on the beautiful Island of La Digue.  Marciej & Katja, who live in Germany, decided to have their wedding and honeymoon all on the same Island.I was staying in Mahe so needed to take a ferry to get to La Digue.  I arrived on the Monday evening so it was already getting dark so I decided to get some supper and then go to bed.  I met the couple the day of the wedding but came early to their hotel as they had invited me to come use the pools at the hotel they were staying in.  They were lifesavers because the heat in Seychelles is something you need to get use too.  I spent most of the morning in the pool getting to know them and then they both had to go to get ready for their big day.  Transport on the island is mainly bicycles or an ox-cart but because the beach they wanted to get married on was a little to far to cycle too they got a taxi instead.  The beach had been decorated with palms and petals in the shape of hearts for their ceremony.  After the ceremony they had champagne and cake, and then it was off to do their photos.

Thank you so much Marciej and Katja for deciding to choose me to photograph your wedding, it was such a great experience and I hope next time I see you in Cape Town with your two little ones 🙂  You two are an amazing and awesome couple.

Seychelles_wedding_photographer_joanne_markland_cape_town_Marciej_Katja-005 Seychelles_wedding_photographer_joanne_markland_cape_town_Marciej_Katja-006 Seychelles_wedding_photographer_joanne_markland_cape_town_Marciej_Katja-007 Seychelles_wedding_photographer_joanne_markland_cape_town_Marciej_Katja-008 Seychelles_wedding_photographer_joanne_markland_cape_town_Marciej_Katja-009 Seychelles_wedding_photographer_joanne_markland_cape_town_Marciej_Katja-010 Seychelles_wedding_photographer_joanne_markland_cape_town_Marciej_Katja-011 Seychelles_wedding_photographer_joanne_markland_cape_town_Marciej_Katja-012 Seychelles_wedding_photographer_joanne_markland_cape_town_Marciej_Katja-013 Seychelles_wedding_photographer_joanne_markland_cape_town_Marciej_Katja-014 Seychelles_wedding_photographer_joanne_markland_cape_town_Marciej_Katja-015 Seychelles_wedding_photographer_joanne_markland_cape_town_Marciej_Katja-016 Seychelles_wedding_photographer_joanne_markland_cape_town_Marciej_Katja-017 Seychelles_wedding_photographer_joanne_markland_cape_town_Marciej_Katja-018 Seychelles_wedding_photographer_joanne_markland_cape_town_Marciej_Katja-019 Seychelles_wedding_photographer_joanne_markland_cape_town_Marciej_Katja-020 Seychelles_wedding_photographer_joanne_markland_cape_town_Marciej_Katja-021 Seychelles_wedding_photographer_joanne_markland_cape_town_Marciej_Katja-022 Seychelles_wedding_photographer_joanne_markland_cape_town_Marciej_Katja-023

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