Mahé Seychelles | Florian & Ramona

seychelles_wedding_photographer_joanne_markland_cape_town_ramona_florien-001A magical day to remember….

Florian and Ramona are from Germany and decided they wanted to elope on the beautiful Island of Mahé in Seychelles.  I was staying with friends in Mahé and the couple just happened to be staying at a guesthouse about 50m away.
I met them a day after they arrived and already knew from the emails that they were going to be a lovely couple.  They got off to a rocky start because its not easy planning a wedding on an island and you’re on the other side of the world, so what you see sometimes see isn’t always what you get so a couple of changes were made but at the end of the day they didn’t let any of this get to them because they were getting married and nothing else mattered.

There was a table set up on the beach with petals going around in the shape of a heart with the sea as a backdrop.  After the ceremony there was champagne, cake and also an interesting plate of canapés, lol!  Then we headed off to take photos till the sun went down.  Seychelles has some beautiful sunsets!  Florian and Ramona had another 2 days in Seychelles and then they were suppose to go to Johannesburg but decided on the last minute to go to Cape Town, which was great because I got to see them again in my home town 🙂

It was so great meeting and getting to know the two of you and I hope I will see you again whether its in Cape Town or Germany 🙂

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