Grootbos | Richard & Bailey

Grootbos Nature Reserve

I have been so excited to blog about this wedding which was held at the beautiful Grootbos Nature Reserve.  Everything about this wedding was so special from the couple down to the little gifts for the guests.  This was definitely a wedding I will remember for a long time.

I met Richard and Bailey via a Skype meeting because they live in Ireland and well they didn’t want to pay for me to fly up and meet them, how rude! lol.  They are both originally from SA but immigrated quite a while ago.  Their wedding was at Grootbos which is just before Gansbaai, it has the most spectacular views especially from the wedding reception area.  I loved the decor they had chosen, very simple but very unique and special.  They had a tree which guests could peg little post-its to the branches, the gift bags for the guests were made by street children in India(a project to raise money and keep children off the street).  The bags each had a pine cone  , which was to be thrown on the fire while you make a wish, and also a metal heart for the Xmas tree which was made from horse shoe nails.  Someone made it for them in Ireland, so each individual heart is not the same as the others making them very unique.

Bailey was having her hair and make-up done, so I went over to the boys room but they weren’t finished, typical of boys!!!  When I got back to Bailey’s room she was having a quiet moment in the room, reading a letter which Richard had written for her on scrap paper with a scribbled picture on it, very cute!  Bailey’s dress was gorgeous and the material was so different.  We, Candice and I, had to leave to drive with the Groom and guests to the ceremony venue.  The ceremony was held down on the beach but you needed a 4×4 to get there.  When we eventually got there, the location they had chosen was simply breathtaking!   Wow!  It was like something from a romantic movie.

The ceremony started a little later than expected due to the minister being stuck in bad traffic.  The wind and heat was strong but Bailey just kept calm because she wasn’t going to let anything spoil her day.  After the ceremony we did their couple photos and towards the end Richard wanted to read his personal vows to Bailey.  I couldn’t hear much because of the wind but watching them looking at each with tears in their eyes made me want to cry too.  I decided to give them some time alone and Candice and I went back to the top to wait for the transport.  It was so cute watching them, they had the whole beach to themselves and they just sat on the chairs by the water chatting.

The reception was also great, I loved the speeches everyone gave.  Richard and Bailey said their personal vows to one another, I’m sure nearly everyone was in tears after that or the tears could’ve been from all the Vodka shots everyone was having.  For the first dance they did the Charleston and then they cut the cake.

Thank you so much for choosing me to be your photographer, I had the most amazing time photographing the two of you.  I loved editing your photos because it made me smile and think back to your day and how special it was.  I love how genuine the two of you are individually and as a couple, stay that way 🙂  Would be great to see you guys again sometime in the future.  Richard, your Thundercats belt was quite cool!

Thank you Candice Rodrigues Photography for 2nd shooting and keeping me company 🙂


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Wedding Venue:  Grootbos  (Florentina Heger)

Love this photo with all the blue sky!  This was taken by Candice 🙂

Me in action!  Thanks Candice.

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