Family | Alex Turns 4

Family_photographer_joanne_markland_Alex-026Happy 4th Birthday Alex

Alex, my little sweetie pie, has turned four years old today!  I am not sure what the 4’s have in store for me but it has to be better than the terrible two’s and cheeky three’s, lol.

How can I describe Alex, a little guy with a BIG VOICE.  The kind of loud where you want to grab the remote control and turn the volume down.  He is also cheeky, cute, clever (all moms think their kids are), annoying, loving, stubborn, sweet and LOUD.  He adores his sister and loves to irritate her, pull her arms, hug her super tight, roll on her, take her toys and doesn’t share.  But this is what big brothers are suppose to do otherwise he wouldn’t be normal.  All these little characteristics, good or bad,  is what makes him unique and special to us and that is why he will always be our little sweetie pie.

Happy 4th Birthday my little brat pie.

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