ALEX turns 3

pg14My first birthday with my new sister

Everytime I write a blog about Alex’s birthday I say I can’t believe how fast time has gone by and now another birthday is here.  Well this lucky boy got a sister for his birthday, although maybe he doesn’t feel lucky because now he doesn’t get all the attention.

Well they are right about the terrible two’s but I could use a worse word to describe it, lol.  Moms are so lucky that there are schools otherwise we would go more nuts than we already are,  BUT even saying that we couldn’t imagine our lives without these little terrors because the things they come out with and the stuff they do is priceless.  A month ago Alex got to hold his little sister, Jaime for the first time.  I was quite worried about how he would be with her but all he does is ask about her, hug her, kiss her and YES sometimes pulls her fingers, pokes her eyes, sticks his fingers in her mouth, burp her really hard but other than that he is great.  He didn’t like us for a while because all the attention has to be shared with his sister but slowly he is learning that she aint going nowhere.

One thing I love about this age is all the things they say or can’t say for example:  Munchkin – munch chicken , Massive – maffiz,  Liam – lee man, Mack (loam’s brother) – other Lee man,  Thor – four,  surprise – pwize.  There are loads more but silly me always forgets to write them down.

So every year I put photos up on my blog of the year that has gone past and as he gets older the fewer the photos get because now he has a mind of his own and well most of the time he doesn’t like photo’s.  So here are a collection of some of my favourite photos and also some with his friend Oscar the cat 🙂




pg01 pg02 pg03 pg04 pg05 pg06 pg07 pg08 pg16 pg09 pg10 pg11 pg12 pg15I had to throw in some of him with his pal Oscar.  I have no idea why Oscar likes Alex because all he does is torture him but for some reason he just has so much patience with him, best friends for life!!!