Time goes by so fast…..

Every mom will tell you that time goes by so fast when you have kids and you never believe them!  Well unfortunately or in some cases fortunately it is true.When your kids were babies all you wanted them to do was start walking and talking because lets face it babies can be a little boring at times especially when you are sleep deprived and all they do is cry, eat, poop and sleep.  Eventually they do learn too walk and talk and all you want is that little baby back because now they don’t sleep or eat anymore but they still cry and poop AND they all seem to have an attitude!

BUT at the end of the day you still love them to bits no matter how much they drive you up the wall and when they give you that big hug then all is forgotten.  One thing I really enjoy is photographing Alex and being able to capture all his moments that he has and will still have in the future.  So when your own mom or friends tell you how fast time goes when you have kids, believe them.

So just a little advice to all moms, “ALWAYS HAVE YOUR CAMERA WITH YOU”   Don’t just take photos on your phone because you know it will probably end up being deleted.  Try to make an effort every 3-4 months to take decent photographs of your kids and actually get them printed, because at the end of the day photographs tell a whole different story than words do!