“Alex” is 2 today!

joanne_markland_photography_family_alex_2nd_birthday-054Can’t believe how fast time has gone by!  Our little Alex all grown and almost ready for University, yes he is that advanced people and definitely gets his brains from his mom.  Hopefully he doesnt spell as bad as his mom and write as bad as his dad!!!!  So every year for his birthday I do a little blog (click here to see Alex 1 year blog) so that oneday I can show him all the memories we have had with him.  Like I said before its so important to take photo’s all the time of your kids even if it looks the same as pics you did 2 months ago.  Its so great to look back and see how they have changed and to see how they actually start looking like a little human, lol!

HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY ALEX!  You are very special to us, yes you can be annoying and evil at times but then you want hugs and kisses and say “hello pie” and we end up forgetting about all the tantrums and back chatting that you do!  You have such a sweet personality and you are such a little character at times, you always make us laugh and we love you lots!

joanne_markland_photography_family_alex_2nd_birthday-001joanne_markland_photography_family_alex_2nd_birthday-002joanne_markland_photography_family_alex_2nd_birthday-003 joanne_markland_photography_family_alex_2nd_birthday-004 joanne_markland_photography_family_alex_2nd_birthday-005 joanne_markland_photography_family_alex_2nd_birthday-006 joanne_markland_photography_family_alex_2nd_birthday-007 joanne_markland_photography_family_alex_2nd_birthday-008 joanne_markland_photography_family_alex_2nd_birthday-009 joanne_markland_photography_family_alex_2nd_birthday-010 joanne_markland_photography_family_alex_2nd_birthday-011 joanne_markland_photography_family_alex_2nd_birthday-012 joanne_markland_photography_family_alex_2nd_birthday-013 joanne_markland_photography_family_alex_2nd_birthday-014 joanne_markland_photography_family_alex_2nd_birthday-015 joanne_markland_photography_family_alex_2nd_birthday-016 joanne_markland_photography_family_alex_2nd_birthday-017joanne_markland_photography_family_alex_2nd_birthday-018 joanne_markland_photography_family_alex_2nd_birthday-019 joanne_markland_photography_family_alex_2nd_birthday-020 joanne_markland_photography_family_alex_2nd_birthday-021 joanne_markland_photography_family_alex_2nd_birthday-022 joanne_markland_photography_family_alex_2nd_birthday-023 joanne_markland_photography_family_alex_2nd_birthday-024 joanne_markland_photography_family_alex_2nd_birthday-025 joanne_markland_photography_family_alex_2nd_birthday-026 joanne_markland_photography_family_alex_2nd_birthday-027 joanne_markland_photography_family_alex_2nd_birthday-028 joanne_markland_photography_family_alex_2nd_birthday-029 In June this year I had a last minute idea of going to the UK for a holiday before Alex turned 2yrs.  My grandparents were suppose to come down to SA last December but unfortunately had to cancel their tickets.  They never got to meet Alex so I decided that I would take Alex over to go meet them.  We went to London for a week, it was super hot and humid and very busy because its their school holidays.  I wanted to do a nice little blog for Alex about his trip in UK but to try get a 2yr to stand still near a tube or Big Ben is almost impossible so most of these pics ended up being just snap shots.  After London we drove up to Bolton in Lancashire and spent 2 weeks there staying with Alex’s great grandparents.  Dont think the house has ever been so noisy!!

joanne_markland_photography_family_alex_2nd_birthday-031joanne_markland_photography_family_alex_2nd_birthday-032 joanne_markland_photography_family_alex_2nd_birthday-033joanne_markland_photography_family_alex_2nd_birthday-034

joanne_markland_photography_family_alex_2nd_birthday-036 joanne_markland_photography_family_alex_2nd_birthday-035 I had to laugh at Alex, we went to Hyde Park so Alex could run around and stretch his legs.  So he sees this group of girls and starts shuffling towards them.  They made the mistake of looking up and so he waved and they all went “aaaaaaahhhh”.  That was it he ran over and climbed over all their things so he could go sit with them.  Such a CHARMER!!! joanne_markland_photography_family_alex_2nd_birthday-037 joanne_markland_photography_family_alex_2nd_birthday-038 joanne_markland_photography_family_alex_2nd_birthday-039 joanne_markland_photography_family_alex_2nd_birthday-040 joanne_markland_photography_family_alex_2nd_birthday-041 joanne_markland_photography_family_alex_2nd_birthday-042 joanne_markland_photography_family_alex_2nd_birthday-043 joanne_markland_photography_family_alex_2nd_birthday-044 joanne_markland_photography_family_alex_2nd_birthday-045 joanne_markland_photography_family_alex_2nd_birthday-046 joanne_markland_photography_family_alex_2nd_birthday-047 Great grandad Ted and great grandma Doris!

joanne_markland_photography_family_alex_2nd_birthday-049joanne_markland_photography_family_alex_2nd_birthday-050 joanne_markland_photography_family_alex_2nd_birthday-051 Below is an example that even having a mother as a photographer you cant always get your little ones to sit still in front of the camera.  I had the camera on self timer which went off every 5 seconds and I to force him to try and sit and smile. The last photo is about the best I could do but I wont give up I will try again later this week.

joanne_markland_photography_family_alex_2nd_birthday-052 joanne_markland_photography_family_alex_2nd_birthday-053