West Coast | Baby Zandri


Zandri’s newborn portraits

Introducing gorgeous little Zandri who was only 9 days old when we did these newborn baby portraits.
I remember quite clearly what was going through my mind when I had my first child but I won’t tell you what it was as it involves a lot of naughty words!  I love watching first time parents with their newborns and I keep wondering what is going through their minds at that moment.  Having a baby for the first time is HECTIC because we have no idea what we are doing or whether we are doing it right. Some moms panic at any noise, some are so anxious and then you get the moms that are so chilled and relaxed.    Watching Heidi with Zandri, she is such a natural even though she said she has no idea what she’s doing half the time.  Personally I think she was born to be a mom, I could picture her with 10 kids.  Zack amazed me the most though, he is amazing with Zandri and definitely has a very special bond with her.  When you meet him for the first time he seems to be this big strong guy who doesn’t take nonsense but actually he has the biggest heart and so much love for both his girls, they are really lucky to have him in their lives.

Congrats on your gorgeous little girl xx

newborn_family_photography_cape_town_joanne_markland_baby_zandri-003 newborn_family_photography_cape_town_joanne_markland_baby_zandri-004 newborn_family_photography_cape_town_joanne_markland_baby_zandri-005 newborn_family_photography_cape_town_joanne_markland_baby_zandri-006 newborn_family_photography_cape_town_joanne_markland_baby_zandri-007 newborn_family_photography_cape_town_joanne_markland_baby_zandri-008 newborn_family_photography_cape_town_joanne_markland_baby_zandri-009 newborn_family_photography_cape_town_joanne_markland_baby_zandri-010 newborn_family_photography_cape_town_joanne_markland_baby_zandri-011 newborn_family_photography_cape_town_joanne_markland_baby_zandri-012 newborn_family_photography_cape_town_joanne_markland_baby_zandri-013 newborn_family_photography_cape_town_joanne_markland_baby_zandri-014 newborn_family_photography_cape_town_joanne_markland_baby_zandri-015 newborn_family_photography_cape_town_joanne_markland_baby_zandri-016 newborn_family_photography_cape_town_joanne_markland_baby_zandri-017 newborn_family_photography_cape_town_joanne_markland_baby_zandri-018 newborn_family_photography_cape_town_joanne_markland_baby_zandri-019 newborn_family_photography_cape_town_joanne_markland_baby_zandri-020 newborn_family_photography_cape_town_joanne_markland_baby_zandri-021 newborn_family_photography_cape_town_joanne_markland_baby_zandri-022 newborn_family_photography_cape_town_joanne_markland_baby_zandri-023 newborn_family_photography_cape_town_joanne_markland_baby_zandri-024


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