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Baby Carli

This little girl is one very special baby, a miracle really.  Her mom had a very complicated and stressful pregnancy and were told that Carli may have Oesophageal Atresia. This basically is a condition where the oesophagus (food pipe) could be shorter than normal (and does not reach the stomach), has a narrowing or is connected to the trachea (wind pipe).

Baby Carli didn’t have a stomach bubble (indicating that the oesophagus is not reaching the stomach) and this is one of the signs of OA. After a few high definition scans, they met with the paediatric surgeon who would be doing the operation on Carli at birth. During this consultation, a normal sized stomach bubble appeared on the scan which was positive news.  They were still unsure about the wind and food pipe whether it would be connected, but they would only find out once Carli was born.  Claurita also had too much amniotic fluid (another sign of OA) which could cause premature labour. They didn’t think she would carry till 34 weeks but managed to keep Carli in there till 36 weeks and finally when she was born she was told that Carli was completely healthy and that her wind and food pipe were perfect.  This is definitely Gideon & Claurita’s little miracle baby and “skattebol”.  Carli is one very chilled baby and Claurita is just as chilled.  First time moms are usually all over the show and panicking but not this mom so calm and so grateful.  Congratulations to the both of you on your beautiful baby girl



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