Houtbay | Nic & Janine

cape-town-newborn-maternity-photographer-joanne-markland-baby-0001Nic & Janine and Baby who

All I can say is I am so excited to meet this little person that Janine has been carrying for a while now!  I met Janine quite a while ago at a wedding and then photographed her and Nic’s wedding in 2013.  I couldn’t wait to photograph them again and her little preggie belly.I have loved this couple since the first time I have met, so down to earth and so truly in love.  This little “baby who” is going to be super blessed with parents like them.  If “baby who” is a girl, well then watch out boys because her DAD owns Thaiholics and competes professionally, so he could be kicking your butts in the future if you mess with her.  Whether a boy or girl, “it” is going to be loved so much and Granny is going to spoil this little one I can just tell! (hmmm Cindy)

Enjoy the last few quiet nights together 🙂

cape-town-newborn-maternity-photographer-joanne-markland-baby-0004 cape-town-newborn-maternity-photographer-joanne-markland-baby-0005 cape-town-newborn-maternity-photographer-joanne-markland-baby-0006 cape-town-newborn-maternity-photographer-joanne-markland-baby-0007 cape-town-newborn-maternity-photographer-joanne-markland-baby-0008 cape-town-newborn-maternity-photographer-joanne-markland-baby-0009 cape-town-newborn-maternity-photographer-joanne-markland-baby-0010 cape-town-newborn-maternity-photographer-joanne-markland-baby-0011 cape-town-newborn-maternity-photographer-joanne-markland-baby-0012 cape-town-newborn-maternity-photographer-joanne-markland-baby-0013 cape-town-newborn-maternity-photographer-joanne-markland-baby-0014


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