Camps Bay | Van Zyl Family

cape_town_family_portrait_photographer_joanne_markland_van_zyl-013Van Zyl’s Family portraits

The Van Zyl family were down on holiday from Dubai and I met them via a mutual friend who was also down on holiday from Dubai.  Karen wanted to get family portraits while they were in Cape Town and I am so glad I met her when I did because her family is just beautiful.

I thought it would be nice to get a bit of something of Cape Town so Lions Head seemed to be a good choice and Camps Bay Beach.  We chose one of the nicest days so far this winter to capture her adorable family.  We have Kelsey the older sister and then Reece in the middle and then little Bailey who celebrated her first birthday a week before the shoot.  Gideon and Karen you really have adorable children 🙂


cape_town_family_portrait_photographer_joanne_markland_van_zyl-001 cape_town_family_portrait_photographer_joanne_markland_van_zyl-002 cape_town_family_portrait_photographer_joanne_markland_van_zyl-003 cape_town_family_portrait_photographer_joanne_markland_van_zyl-004 cape_town_family_portrait_photographer_joanne_markland_van_zyl-005 cape_town_family_portrait_photographer_joanne_markland_van_zyl-006 cape_town_family_portrait_photographer_joanne_markland_van_zyl-007 cape_town_family_portrait_photographer_joanne_markland_van_zyl-008 cape_town_family_portrait_photographer_joanne_markland_van_zyl-009 cape_town_family_portrait_photographer_joanne_markland_van_zyl-010 cape_town_family_portrait_photographer_joanne_markland_van_zyl-011 cape_town_family_portrait_photographer_joanne_markland_van_zyl-012

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