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The Mondon family

I can’t believe it has been a month since I was in Seychelles.  I miss it so much, especially the warm weather and sea.  It also makes you realise that you don’t need material things and you can just live a simple life.  It took me a while to adjust once I got back home and looking at these photos makes me miss that magical place so much.

I went over to Seychelles to photograph a wedding.  While I was there I stayed with very good friends of mine.  They referred me too some of their friends and this is how I got to meet the Mondon family.  Paul & Delia have been living in Seychelles for about 11 years now and have two beautiful children, Jolene and Ryan.   It was so nice to learn a little about what life in Seychelles is like for expats.  Most people would think that all everyone does is go to the beach everyday. Well surprisingly not, the whole family is quite into their sports and so after school or work they end up training most days.  They are all pretty much into athletics, Delia is currently training for a triathlon, Jolene does gymnastics and Ryan enjoys his soccer.

It was so nice meeting all of you and getting to photograph you in such a beautiful place.

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