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Kirstenbosch Gardens – 13 March 2017…

James, Sierra and their daughter Dylan came down from the USA to visit James’s parents here in Cape Town.  They decided they wanted to get some family photos with his parents and sister Robynne.  We all met up bright and early at Kirstenbosch gardens.  Little Dylan was very shy at first but we managed to get some smiles out of her 🙂

Hope you are enjoying the rest of your holiday, see you soon.


Kirstenbosch-family-portraits-003 Kirstenbosch-family-portraits-004 Kirstenbosch-family-portraits-005 Kirstenbosch-family-portraits-006 Kirstenbosch-family-portraits-007 Kirstenbosch-family-portraits-008 Kirstenbosch-family-portraits-009 Kirstenbosch-family-portraits-010 Kirstenbosch-family-portraits-011 Kirstenbosch-family-portraits-012 Kirstenbosch-family-portraits-013 Kirstenbosch-family-portraits-014 Kirstenbosch-family-portraits-015 Kirstenbosch-family-portraits-016 Kirstenbosch-family-portraits-017 Kirstenbosch-family-portraits-018 Kirstenbosch-family-portraits-019 Kirstenbosch-family-portraits-020

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