Muizenberg | Cindy, Josh & Matt

joanne_markland_photography_family_shoot_muizenberg_cindy-001I didn’t know how to start this blog post as there are so many things I could say but one thing which I am sure everyone is that Cindy is the most amazing person and mom.  The family shoot we did was one of the prizes for a “Woman of the year” competition held by Soet Emporium in Durbanville.  In 2010/2011 Cindy’s Husband, Morné, was diagnosed with Brain cancer.  He was a brillaint guitar player and played in a band at the Joshgen Church. He was a talented rugby player who played for The Stormers and Western Province as well as being a former Wellington prop back in 2000.  His battle with cancer lasted for over 2 yrs with Cindy and the boys always being by his side.  I remember a friend of mine telling me the story about Morné and what had happened.   Cindy would give updates on FB and I started following them and hoping that oneday he would be just be okay.  Eventually Morné made it through and got the all clear but unfortunately the cancer came back again.

Cindy really deserved to win the “Woman of the year”, I think everyone who knows her admires the person she is because no matter how tough things got she stayed positive and strong.  The van der Merwe’s also entered a “make a wish” competition which was based on votes from the public, I can’t remember exactly but I think it ended up being between 2 families and the votes were really close, something ridiculous like 4 votes.  The “van der Merwes” won the competition and were suppose to go to Disneyland but sadly on the 18 January 2013, Morné passed away.

Our shoot was put on hold for a while till Cindy and the boys felt ready.  I decided for the shoot to try do something which would be fun for the kids and while they were having fun I could take some pics.  We decided to take the train from Muizenberg to Kalkbay and when they did get a little bored I had to bribe them by telling them I would buy them an ice-cream.  (I kept my promise by the way and there is a photo to prove it)

I never had the opportunity to meet Morné but wish I could’ve as he sounded like an incredible person with a big heart 🙂

So all these photos are dedicated to Morné, you will definetely never be forgotten!

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