Johannesburg | Baby Sebastian


Pienaar Family portraits

I went to visit a friend in Johannesburg a few weeks ago and while I was there I finally got to meet little Sebastian and do a little family shoot of him and his parents.

I photographed Ernest and Olivia’s wedding in Worcester quite a few years ago and last year did a big family shoot of Olivia’s side of the family. They are such a special family and always make me feel so welcome and I just love their sense of humour.  I remember one afternoon Olivia phoning me and telling me she was pregnant, I was so happy for her.  Sebastian is adorable and just loves pulling hair, he is also a busy bee but so happy.  To think Olivia didn’t really want a photographer at her wedding and Ernest had to persuade her, I am so glad he did otherwise I would never have met the two of you, Sebastian, and all the other amazing family and friends I have met the past few years and all from doing one wedding.

Ernest and Olivia, you really are great parents 🙂

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