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16 February 2017…

I was so excited when Nathalie contacted me to do a family photo session while they were on holiday in Cape Town this year. Nathalie and I were in high school together and she has been in the UK for about 18 years.  I haven’t seen her since high school and she looks just as I remembered her 🙂  Nathalie and Brian have a 3 year old son called Ewan.  We had planned the photo session for one evening but the wind was gale force so we ended up doing an early morning shoot the day before they left.  Poor Ewan had been up a lot that night with a cough and they had to wake him up to early BUT he was such a superstar that day.  I still can’t believe how well behaved he was considering how tired he must’ve been.

It was so nice to see you again Nathalie and meet your family, enjoy the pics xx
beach-family-portraits-session-joanne-markland-photography-cape-town-004 beach-family-portraits-session-joanne-markland-photography-cape-town-005 beach-family-portraits-session-joanne-markland-photography-cape-town-006 beach-family-portraits-session-joanne-markland-photography-cape-town-014 beach-family-portraits-session-joanne-markland-photography-cape-town-017 beach-family-portraits-session-joanne-markland-photography-cape-town-019 beach-family-portraits-session-joanne-markland-photography-cape-town-027 beach-family-portraits-session-joanne-markland-photography-cape-town-029 beach-family-portraits-session-joanne-markland-photography-cape-town-032 beach-family-portraits-session-joanne-markland-photography-cape-town-033

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