Blouberg | Bartz Family

cape-town-family-beach-photographer-001The Bartz beach family shoot

One reason why I love my job so much is because I get to meet so many different people and families from across the world.  Stephanie, who lives Germany, emailed me and wanted to book a beach family shoot while they are on holiday in Cape Town.

She has always wanted to do an outside family shoot but the weather in Germany can be so unpredictable so they decided to do one while on holiday in Cape Town.   We ended up doing an early morning shoot due to everyday having strong winds, so we had to get the girls up bright and early but they really did so well and lasted till the shoot was done and then they passed out in the car.  I think mom and dad were just as exhausted, lol.   It was so lovely meeting you and your family and I hope you are having a fantastic time in our beautiful country.

cape-town-family-beach-photographer-002 cape-town-family-beach-photographer-003 cape-town-family-beach-photographer-004 cape-town-family-beach-photographer-005 cape-town-family-beach-photographer-006 cape-town-family-beach-photographer-007 cape-town-family-beach-photographer-008
cape-town-family-beach-photographer-010 cape-town-family-beach-photographer-011 cape-town-family-beach-photographer-012 cape-town-family-beach-photographer-013 cape-town-family-beach-photographer-014 cape-town-family-beach-photographer-015 cape-town-family-beach-photographer-016 cape-town-family-beach-photographer-017

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