Houtbay | Ashton & Erika


Ashton & Erika’s couple shoot in Houtbay

Ashton & Erika will be getting married in less than 3 weeks time!  We wanted to do a couple shoot at Noordhoek beach but the wind has been crazy lately so we decided to try one of my favourite spots, Llandudno.

I recently photographed Ashton’s brothers wedding so I am beginning to feel like part of the family, lol.  They will be getting married at the lovely Silvermist Mountain Lodge.   I think Erika is going to make a beautiful bride, so easy to get on with which makes my job so much easier.  I just hope that Ashton doesn’t arrive on his bike otherwise he might have the two of us to deal with!!!

Enjoy the photos guys and can’t wait for the 4 April!

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