Llandudno | Gerhard & Carike


Gerhard & Carike’s couple shoot

Gerhard and Carike are getting married in a months time!!!  They both don’t like being in front of the camera so I always encourage doing a couple shoot before hand to get them use to me and the way I work and just to get use to having nice photos taken, that way on the wedding day its so much easier and less stressful.I am really looking forward to this wedding, its at a venue I haven’t shot at before and sounds like its going to be a fun and very relaxed wedding.

Enjoy the photos guys 🙂

couple-photography-cape-town-joanne-markland-carike-gerhard03 couple-photography-cape-town-joanne-markland-carike-gerhard04 couple-photography-cape-town-joanne-markland-carike-gerhard05 couple-photography-cape-town-joanne-markland-carike-gerhard06 couple-photography-cape-town-joanne-markland-carike-gerhard07 couple-photography-cape-town-joanne-markland-carike-gerhard08 couple-photography-cape-town-joanne-markland-carike-gerhard09 couple-photography-cape-town-joanne-markland-carike-gerhard10 couple-photography-cape-town-joanne-markland-carike-gerhard11 couple-photography-cape-town-joanne-markland-carike-gerhard12

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