Camps Bay | Zack & Heidi

cape-town couple-portraits-joanne-markland-zack-heidi-0001Zack & Heidi’s couple shoot

Zack & Heidi will be getting married on the 18 April this year at the beautiful Delvera Estate.  I suggested we do a couple shoot because like most of us, they not use to being in front of the camera.  This is such a great way for them to practise before their big day

Zack and Heidi live and work on their farm probably 24hrs/7 days a week.  At least I didn’t have to feel guilty making them get up early for this shoot because its the norm for them.  A little shy at first in front of the camera but after a few minutes they both got the hang of it and I think they did a great job, can’t wait for the wedding 🙂

cape-town couple-portraits-joanne-markland-zack-heidi-0003 cape-town couple-portraits-joanne-markland-zack-heidi-0004 cape-town couple-portraits-joanne-markland-zack-heidi-0005 cape-town couple-portraits-joanne-markland-zack-heidi-0006 cape-town couple-portraits-joanne-markland-zack-heidi-0007 cape-town couple-portraits-joanne-markland-zack-heidi-0008 cape-town couple-portraits-joanne-markland-zack-heidi-0009 cape-town couple-portraits-joanne-markland-zack-heidi-0010

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