Blouberg | Jacques & Madelein


4 March 2017…

Jacques and Madelein will be getting married in June this year at Buffelsfontein along the West Coast.  Before their big day we decided to do a little test run and get them use to being in front of the camera.  They don’t really need a practise run they are both great in from of the camera.  I can’t wait till your big day 🙂  For more pics please go to my Facebook page.


Beach-couple-shoot-portraits-joanne-markland-photography-003 Beach-couple-shoot-portraits-joanne-markland-photography-004 Beach-couple-shoot-portraits-joanne-markland-photography-005 Beach-couple-shoot-portraits-joanne-markland-photography-009 Beach-couple-shoot-portraits-joanne-markland-photography-010 Beach-couple-shoot-portraits-joanne-markland-photography-014 Beach-couple-shoot-portraits-joanne-markland-photography-016 Beach-couple-shoot-portraits-joanne-markland-photography-019

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